Timeline and Planning

Here is a basic list of what may need to be done for your trip to High Rocks.


  • Sign and return contract and program deposit to reserve dates.
  • Set dates to begin planning with participating teachers on how the program will be integrated into the classroom.
  • Create some roles with your teacher team.  These roles may include: forms collector, medical administration, transportation coordinator, groups and cabin assignments,
  • Visit our teacher section of the website for a complete list of ideas, topics and details.

Three to Six months before program:

  • Set up transportation to and from High Rocks.  Let us know the company name and number (if leasing buses) so we can provide accurate directions.  Don’t forget to include transportation costs when coming up with your budget.
  • If you want to start thinking about ideas for classroom integration, now is a good time to sit down with your team to come up with ideas and get them on the calendar.  These could be simple or drawn out.  Let us know if you need some ideas.

One to Three months before program:

  • We highly recommend scheduling a meeting with parents to help answer questions, discuss logistics, distribute forms, and tell them about High Rocks.  This is essential for groups in the 5th to 8th grade range, but recommended for all ages.
  • Distribute Medical Forms, Release Forms, Equipment Lists, and any other pertinent information to students’ parents.  Have the parents return the forms immediately to the school.  We can send you PFD files of these if you would just like to have them available on your website.
  • We will also need a med form and waiver for any parent or teacher who plans to participate in activities.
  • These forms are also available in the teacher and parent sections of the leap website for your distribution.  Refer to the cover letter for the address and login information.

Two Weeks to One Month before program:

  • All signed medical forms, release forms, and list of students attending program are due to High Rocks.
  • Introduce the specifics of the program to the students and teachers/ chaperones.  Have them understand expectations of learning and participation.
  • This is a good time to create a project or lesson for the ride to High Rocks.  Many programs use journals or other writing packets to get the students to start thinking about the week ahead.
  • Be sure to send us a list of students or number of people who need to rent sleeping bags ($8.00/ea).  There is a limited number available

One to Two weeks before program:

  • Re-introduce the program expectations and goals to students.
  • List of activity groups and cabin groups Emailed to High Rocks.  Be sure to ask us about cabin size and bed numbers.  Using a service like Google Drive or Dropbox is also really helpful.  You can keep a running list on there that can be shared with High Rocks.  Let us know if you need help.
  • Finalize any transportation needs, driver accommodations, missing forms, etc.
  • Finalize any medical administration for medications while students are at High Rocks.
  • Be sure to contact us with any last minute questions and invoice.
  • Day of arrival: It helps if you can call us on the way to camp just to let us know if you will be late or early compared to the itinerary sent you.  Usually about an hour out or whenever you make a stop, just give us a call for approximate arrival time. Or just your location and time you are calling.
  • Don’t forget final payment is due by closing day of the program.  Any overage can be refunded to the school if students miss the program, provided it is in line with the contract.

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