The Program

How LEAP Programs Work

LEAP programs are designed to get students out of the barriers of the classroom and engage in an active learning process with their peers and teachers. Activities are designed to challenge, solve problems, overcome fears, and learn more about their inner-self as well as respect and understand the world around them. During the day students may get dirty, wet, frustrated, and even anxious. We feel that bringing students outside of their so called “comfort zones” challenges and inspires learning that can be used in events that relate to real life circumstances.

Daily activities are followed by discussions of what the students faced throughout the day. These “de-brief” sessions create a learning process from the events they have just experienced; without them we would be nothing more than an amusement park.

While we find it important to create a challenge, we also hold physical and emotional safety as our highest priority.  All of our staff hold certifications in Wilderness first Aid and CPR, as well as additional advanced training. Each trip out of camp has at least one staff with advanced Wilderness First Responder training and a medical kit to handle emergencies in the back country.  Having complete medical forms for each students on these trips also allows our coordinator to alert staff as needed and handle situations as they may arise.  Follow the link to the right for more details on Health and Wellness.

Each LEAP program is custom designed for your school.  Depending on age, focus, and resources, these programs can include all sorts of activities and facilitation.  Here are some of our key focuses for each LEAP program.

  • An Outside Experience
  • Personal Challenge
  • Team Building
  • Environmental Education

We use a “Challenge by choice” philosophy here at High Rocks.  Each student is encouraged to participate in an activity, but not required.  We may even work through several steps of a lesson, but never “make” a student do an event.  We find that it’s an important part of the students education process to make decisions about their participation in the program.

We try to integrate our program and activities with the students curriculum and what they are currently facing in their lives at school. Relating their experiences here with what is happening at school gives substance to their events while attending the LEAP program.

A lot of energy and time go into each of these programs.  Your students school, the administration, and the teachers have found that these experience are a positive influence on your child’s education.

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