Equipment Lists

Follow the links below for the most accurate list for your program.  It is important that you have ALL of the NEEDS items that are listed on each form.  Please contact us if you have questions.

A couple helpful hints:

  • Luggage: When packing, it is better to have two smaller soft duffels than one giant one you cannot carry.  Large airport-style suitcases with wheels are of no help in a world of grass and gravel.
  • Save a set of clothes for the ride home!
  • Electronics are not part of the program here at High Rocks.  This includes phones, IPods, tablets, game consoles, etc.  Anything more advanced than a hair dryer will be collected and held until the end of the program.
  • Please do not send any food in your luggage.  Any items that may have been requested by your teachers for the ride will be held separately.
  • Individual Program Lists:

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