Welcome Altamont Parents!

Today’s Pictures

We are off to a running start here at High Rocks! If you made it this far, it looks like you figured out the login! Awesome job! We are so excited about having the 7th grade up here for this week. Each night we will write a little blog and push up some pictures so that parents can see that we are all having a good time. We don’t promise to have your child’s image up here every day, but we will try our best. Generally, new posts will be put up by 9pm each night. If we are a little late, just keep hitting the refresh button until all is well. If you’re lucky, we may even put them up early :)…

The 7th Grade group rolled in mid-afternoon and were excited to be off of the bus and moving around again. It did not take long to get the bus unloaded, get any electronics and food safely tucked away, and then send the whole class down to the activity field for several energetic warm-up games to get the blood flowing again. After much noise and excitement, we ran through the general rules of living in a place like Camp High Rocks and then got the students moved into their cabins for the week. Once dinner was complete, we divided into the five activity groups in which the students will be spending most of their daylight hours. We enjoyed running around and playing some more whole-grade games after small group time, and then headed back up to the dining hall for a snack.  After snack, the students will head back to their cabins for showers and a good night’s sleep, preparing for a full day of action tomorrow!

Tonight each activity group is coming up with an identifying name and responding cheer. This makes announcements more fun and adds a bit more group unity to the week. We will have that posted tomorrow once each group has come to a decision.

This Week’s Schedule

Here is an overview of the schedule of the week so you know a little about what is happening.  Again, come back here each night to see the pictures and new posts.  We are going to have a ton of fun and learn a lot in the process!!!

  • The students will be divided up into 5 groups and will be with those groups for the week.  Free time and evening activities will be more mixed time for them to hang with friends and focus on parts of camp that interest them on an individual basis.
  • While there is a lot of fun involved, don’t be fooled.  Students will be learning some classroom curriculum along with all sorts of lifelong skills.  Just being here for a whole week may be the biggest part of the learning for some students.
  • We will keep you posted along the way about our challenges, accomplishments, and all the fun we had every day.


Students will rotate through these activities during the day.

  • Waterfall Hike: This half-day activity takes place in the beautiful Dupont State Forest, which is adjacent to our property… Students will gaze at the waterfalls, participate in a stream ecology experiment, and learn about the geological and political history of this amazing place.
  • Low Ropes: Students will spend time working through several group problem solving activities, obstacles, and adventures. The focus is on teamwork, task completion, listening, leadership, and time management.
  • High Ropes: This half day activity is designed as a personal and team challenge. Groups will learn how to count on one another for support and safety on the cables and poles of our High Ropes Course. The focus is on personal challenge, working with fears, and accomplishment.
  • Day of Canoeing: This all-day event will take the kids through the basics of canoeing on our lake and then to the amazing French Broad River. Starting near the headwaters of one of the oldest rivers in the world, students will have a leisurely float through the beginner whitewater of the valley during the colorful fall season. Focus is on communication and developing the necessary skills to get a canoe from point A to point B; understanding of river environments; comparing and contrasting the French Broad to the streams of the DuPont State Forest, and rivers at home.
  • Climbing Tower & Bouldering: Climbing on our 50-foot tower. Students will practice putting on harness and helmet, learn safety calls, and practice climbing techniques. The focus is on trust, communication, and stepping outside of our comfort zones. They will also have an opportunity to climb in our “bouldering cave” – a room dedicated to short, difficult climbing challenges.
  • Orienteering:  After some initial lessons and practice on a small orienteering course, students will work together on our 1100-acre property using news skills with map and compass.  There is a particular focus on measurement and accuracy for this event.

Evening Activities

These will happen each night during the week

  • Monday: Gameso n the field, Games in the Gym
  • Tuesday: ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 7th GRADER?! (Students vs. High Rocks staff, hosted by faculty)
  • Wednesday: Sunset/Evening Hikes
  • Thursday: S’mores and Closing Campfire

That’s all for now! Please enjoy the pictures from this evening’s arrival and we will flood you with more tomorrow

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