Welcome 2014 O’Neal Parents

If you made it this far, it looks like you figured out how to login!  Awesome job!  We are so excited about having the 7th grade up here for this next week.  Each night we will write a little blog and push up some pictures so that the parent’s can be eased just a bit that we are all having a good time.  We don’t promise to have your child’s image up here everyday, but we will try our best.  Generally, new posts will be put up by 9pm each night.   If we were a little late, just keep hitting the refresh button until all is well.  If you’re lucky, we may even put them up early :)…  There are a number of posts from last year that you can check out until we start to put up this year’s events.

This Week’s Schedule

Here is a little schedule of the week so you know a little about what is happening.  Again, come back here on Tuesday night to see the updates and new posts.  We are going to have a ton of fun!!!

Tuesday PMWednesday AMWednesday PMThursday AM
Group 1High Ropes CourseLow Ropes and InitiativesDuPont Waterfall HikeHiking and Rock Climbing in Pisgah National Forest
Group 2DuPont Waterfall HikeHigh Ropes CourseLow Ropes and InitiativesHiking and Rock Climbing in Pisgah National Forest
Group 3Low Ropes and InitiativesDuPont Waterfall HikeHigh Ropes CourseHiking and Rock Climbing in Pisgah National Forest
  • The students will be divided up into 3 groups and will be with those groups for the week.  Free time and evening activities will be more mixed time for them to hang out with their closest friends.
  • We will try to get a picture and group name up by Monday night.


Students will rotate through these activities during the day.

  • Waterfall Hike: This half day activity takes place in the beautiful DuPont State Forest, which is adjacent to our property… Students will gaze at the waterfall, participate in a stream ecology experiment, and learn about the geological and political history of this amazing place. If you would like to prep the students, visit http://dupontforest.com/
  • Low Ropes: Students will spend the morning or afternoon working through several group problem solving activities, obstacles, and adventures. The focus is on teamwork, task completion, listening, leadership, and time management.
  • High Ropes: This half day activity is designed as a personal and team challenge. Groups will learn how to count on one another for support and safety on the cables and poles of our High Ropes Course. The focus is on personal challenge, working with fears, and accomplishment.
  • All Day Climbing: Students will spend the day learning how to safely get themselves up the granite sections of beautiful Looking Glass Rock. Our staff will safely lead them on an adventure of personal challenge, team support, and education of the geological significance of such formations… For more information on Pisgah National Forest visit: http://www.fs.usda.gov/nfsnc

Evening Activities

These will happen each night during the week

  • Tuesday: Gym Games and Dodgeball!
  • Wednesday: Corn Maze
  • Thursday: Closing Campfire

That’s all for now.  There are a number of posts from last year that you can check out until we start to put up this year’s events. See you all on Monday Night for the details!!!  Look for the new post

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  1. September 16, 2014 by O'Neal Parent

    William Saye is SO excited to be back at High Rocks to see the wonderful staff and to show his favorite place in the world to all of his classmates!!!