Here are some frequently (and some not so frequent) asked questions that students or parents may have regarding your program with us. We realize that this may be a first time experience for you as a student or a parent. As always, if there is anything you need, just give us a call or drop us a line. We are here to help.

Woody Noland
LEAP Director

What will my child be doing at Camp High Rocks?
Please visit the parent information page and scroll down to your school’s program. This will give you a general idea of the event and activities.

What should my child bring to camp?
If you did not receive the Equipment List, please click one of the links below.

  • General Equipment List -for all groups
  • Backpacking Equipment List -for those groups going backpacking

Can my son/daughter bring a cell phone, IPod, or other electronics?
We have worked hard to guarantee that a wide variety of activities are offered every moment your child is at camp; there is enough physical and mental stimulation here to render virtual pastimes obsolete. Therefore, we have a firm policy banning the use of cell phones, video games, and other electronics, and we appreciate your support. This is a carefully thought-out, healthy policy that helps us underscore the beauty of camp—just a few days, where experiences are real, kids learn to navigate on their own, and success is tangible.

School rules may vary as to whether the students can bring these items on the bus.  We realize that students travel with these phones, Ipods, and other devices and they have become a necessary part of our life. Most schools will let students travel on the bus with these items and we feel that this is helpful for the trip.  If they bring them on the bus, we will collect and lock them up until the end of the program.  Please provide a ziplock bag with your child’s name on it that will fit all of these items. Please help us with this process.  Students may bring a camera; it is actually encouraged, but check with the school for details first.

My child takes medications. How will these be dispensed?
It will depend on the age and current setup at school. Your school will usually select someone to dispense medications (usually at mealtimes or at snack just before heading back to the cabins for the evening). We will provide a place to secure the medications and refrigerate them if necessary. It is important to put any current medication on the “medform” so that our instructors are also aware of these details. Any emergency medication, like inhalers, epinephrine, or similar items should have one that stays with the student, and another that is with the rest of the medications.

We have found that most of the upper school children dispense their own medications. You will need to check with your school for specific procedures regarding this matter. Again, it is most important that the medform is properly filled out so our High Rocks instructors are aware of the situation. Many medications can be affected by exercise or environmental changes.

What sort of food is available at High Rocks? Is it good?
This will vary depending on whether your program is in camp all day or out of camp. We have a full service commercial kitchen staffed with professionals. High Rocks is graded seasonally by the health department and we have consistently held an “A” rating.

In camp meals: These are filled with options and appeal to the age group attending. There is usually an entree of proteins with lots of side options. During lunch and dinner, there is always a salad bar option. Here are some of the menus that you may see. For breakfast: we always have cereal everyday and then some combination of hot items with eggs, meat, oatmeal, grits, yogurt, etc. which change from day to day. Lunch: Generally includes the usual cafeteria fair including: hamburgers, chicken fingers, grilled cheese, soup, fries, fruit, and usually PB, and J available for those who can’t find anything else. Dinner: This is usually a hearty meal with a heavy entree and other vegetable and starch sides along with the salad bar. Entrees can include: fried chicken, lasagna, pasta bar, pork loin, roast beef, roasted turkey breast, etc.

There is usually a vegetarian entree option available. though it is difficult to appeal to those who are vegan.  Please let your coordinator know if you have dietary restrictions and see below about allergies.

Out of camp meals: These meals are what we call “packouts.” If your group is backpacking, for example, they will usually eat their first and last meals in the dining hall and the rest will be packout meals on the trail. Many programs have the groups out during the day, which includes a lunch packout. Packout meals usually consist of simpler “one pot” style entrees that are hearty and calorie filled to sustain the group. Breakfast can include: pancakes, oatmeal, hashbrowns, or toasted bagels along with tang or hot chocolate. Lunch is usually quick and easy including: bagel or tortilla sandwiches, granola bars, fruit, or other treats. Dinner may include: Pita pizzas; burritos w/ chicken, black beans, and rice; pasta and rice dishes.

What if my son/daughter has food allergies?

We try to work this out the best we can. We are not a peanut free kitchen, though most mild peanut allergies do fine. If your student has a gluten intolerance, we suggest that you send along some supplemental items. Our kitchen will be happy to help. Please call or e-mail us about the menus and details if your student has any allergies.

Can I call my child while they are at High Rocks?
We strongly discourage calling your child to just chat. We have found that these types of calls can cause students to become “homesick” or disconnected from the goals of the program. Part of the focus here is to create some independence for the students; even if it is just one or two nights. These type of “away from home” experiences foster growth, independence, and self-reliance. If parents call to ‘check-in’ with their children every night, this growth will not occur. Sometimes this growth occurs in the parents as well. That being said, if you NEED to call, please call us and let us know your concerns, we will give you some suggestions and may even connect you first with a teacher or school administrator before speaking with your child.

We are always available throughout the day and there is also phone coverage all night. If you have an emergency, please feel free to call anytime. Use the camp number that was provided 828-885-2153. We will also contact you if your child is not feeling well or an emergency here at camp occurs. Usually, we will have a teacher or administrator from the school be in contact since this relationship already exists.

What are the living arrangements for my child?
If your child is staying in camp: Our cabins are semi-rustic with about 7-9 beds, a complete private bathroom with shower and hot water in the cabin. They do not need to leave the cabin to use the bathroom. Our typical setup is usually about six students of single gender with a High Rocks or Teacher/Parent chaperone.  The female cabins are separate from the boys cabins for privacy reasons. We ask that students only go in and out of their own cabin to avoid any problems. Visit the Facility page to see a picture and description of the cabins as well as our other incredible facilities.

Can I pick up my child after the program?
We can arrangements for you to pick up your child here at camp. It is important that this is set up ahead of time with the school. We do not have the authority to hold your child here without the school’s permission. If you are picking up your child here, we ask that it not be any later than the departure time of the group. We cannot chaperon a child once the school group leaves.

My child has a physical disability/injury, can he/she still participate?
Obviously, parents and students probably know best for this situation. We like to work it out the best we can so that the whole class can share the experience together. So give us a call and let us know how we can help make it work out. We will be able to give you frank and supportive answers to see if we can get your student here and participate with the rest of the class.

What if there is an incident/accident? Where is the hospital? What sort of emergency facilities are at High Rocks?
If there is any sort of incident concerning your child we will contact you as soon as possible. It is important to sign the medical release so that your child can get the fastest care in the event of a serious injury; even then, we will make every effort to contact you before any procedure. Sometimes it may just be a bump or bruise that requires follow-up. Regardless, we know that you want to be informed. We will call you if anything comes up.

Camp is located 9 miles from the closest hospital in Brevard (Transylvania Regional Hospital) with EMS service just 3 miles down the road. Level 1 trauma centers are located in Asheville and Hendersonville with life flight support.

All of our staff have at least Wilderness First Aid Training, which is a 16 hour first aid course with curriculum to deal with situations in the wilderness environments. Most of our staff have Wilderness First Responder (WFR) training. These staff have been certified in an 80 hour wilderness medicine class with more training and application to use in the event of an emergency out in the woods. We try to have a WFR on every trip out of camp.

In camp with have a well stocked infirmary to handle most cuts, bumps, bruises, stings and other emergencies. Although we do not have a nurse staffed in the infirmary during the school group season, one of the directors is also an RN and is usually available to assist with issues coming up in camp along with our other trained staff.  There is an AED on the property.

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