Lake Canoeing

Our 11-acre lake provides all sorts of opportunities for students to challenge themselves on the water.  Our staff instruct basic skills for maneuvering the tandem canoe around the lake, and then use a number of problem solving activities on the water to create different challenges. Depending on the program’s goals, schools can focus on the flatwater aspect of canoeing, or use the lake as a springboard for moving on to river canoeing.

Whitewater Canoeing

Through a skill progression, students can learn the meaning of teamwork, communication, and trust. Our whitewater progression begins with training on our 11-acre lake where students learn the skills necessary to safely control a boat on a river. The group then takes on one of our many exciting class I and II rivers to navigate, explore, and have fun.  A great challenge for all age levels.

We also have opportunities to turn canoeing into a week-long progression of skills over multiple rivers.

Canoe Camping

Take the lake skills the students just learned and turn it into a overnight or multi-day trip.  What an opportunity to learn to work together as a team and as a group by getting your team down the river and then working on outdoor living skills and adventures. The historic French Broad river is a great venue for a nice moving-water trip through a beautiful river valley.

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