Moving Mountains

Today’s Pictures

Some days are almost too good to be true!  We just finished dinner here at High Rocks; now, the students are back at their cabins doing a little evening cleaning to expedite tomorrow’s packing process.  Since it would be a grievous error to waste the lingering daylight, after cleanup everybody will head to the Gym and our GaGa pit to squeeze some playtime in before tonight’s campfire.

Traditionally, we hold campfires at the end of our programs as a closing ceremony.  Atop a hill overlooking the lake in natural amphitheater of granite slabs, some musically inclined staff will shoulder their instruments and lead the group through a handful of songs, after which we’ll all enjoy a story together around the fire.  As the sun sets over the lake and the Milky Way inches across the sky we’ll reflect on everything we’ve done this week – which is no small task considering how much this class has accomplished!

Today’s adventure into Pisgah National Forest is certainly worthy of reflection.  After breakfast, each group loaded up in a van with supplies for the day and went to three separate rock sites.  Two groups climbed at opposing ends of massive Looking Glass Rock, while the third tested the sculpted granite of Cedar Rock.  The groups reportedly saw no other parties in the forest; everyone felt like they had thousands of acres of pristine woodlands all to themselves.  Pretty sweet!  The weather cooperated too; while it did drizzle in Pisgah, the precipitation was rather lackluster and passed in a matter of minutes.  The rain was so weak the rock was still plenty dry enough to climb on, so after everyone wore themselves out fighting gravity they packed up and went searching for swimming holes to round out their day.

What a life!  Spending a week in the mountains playing games, solving puzzles, strengthening friendships, and overcoming obstacles isn’t a bad gig by any stretch of the imagination.  I would like to thank you for sending your children to camp this week, as they have been a fantastic group to work with!  Energetic and positive, they have been a force for good times to be reckoned with all week long.  We’ll be sad to see them leave after breakfast tomorrow, and  I hope they return to you full of smiles, laughter, and tall tales!

That’s all for now, O’Neal!  Thank you for a great program this week, and we look forward to seeing another class of new faces next year!


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